Balsamic Chicken with Vegetables
5 minute
Balsamic Chicken with Vegetables Recipe

1 portion of balsamic chicken with vegetables (store the other one in the fridge) 410 kcal

For 2 servings: 500 g chicken fillet, 10 g olive oil, 10 g balsamic cream, 220 g canned green beans (can be used fresh or salted, boil), 200 g tomatoes, spices for chicken, salt, pepper, spray oil 1/2 eco bouillon cube Marinate the meat (preferably overnight) in balsamic cream, olive oil, and chicken spices. Fry in 1 spray of olive oil on both sides (2 minutes on each side). Dissolve the bouillon cube in hot water, 100 ml. Pour over the chicken, steam under the lid on low heat for 5 minutes. Served with beans, tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper

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