What equipment to choose?

When gyms temporarily shuttered during the pandemic, there was an explosion in the demand for premium home workout equipment — and it’s a market that continues to flourish today. Working out at home has plenty of benefits. The sheer convenience makes it easier to stick to a consistent routine, and it allows you to skip the cost of a pricey gym membership. And there are plenty of compact machines and setups that allow you to get a proper workout without taking up an entire room in your house.

Smart fitness technology and equipment is transforming home fitness, and the best smart home gym options are helping to recreate gyms and fancy studio classes at home with vibrant touchscreen displays, built-in cameras and compact all-in-one systems. Not to mention options for classes and training sessions that help guide your exercises and take those workout-mat, resistance-band and stationary-bike home workouts to the next level as you work toward your fitness goals.

If you don’t have an equipment

All that said, smart gym equipment is pricey — typically costing a few thousand dollars — so it’s not yet accessible to everyone. But if you’re truly ready to bring a fitness studio into your home, replacing your gym membership or weekly SoulCycle class with a smart exercise bike could pay for itself over time. It also ensures you always have access to your favorite workout equipment, weights and whatever else you need to complete your workout routine on a regular basis.


As with any new technology, it can be expensive at first, but the costs can come down over time as more products hit the market. Whether you want to do resistance training, high-intensity interval training, a full body workout, indoor cycling or other workout routines, this is the best smart home gym equipment you can buy right now.