Find reasons for yourself and just start doing it

Motivation has a great importance in every case. If you have more motivation and understanding of where you are going, you will soon be able to see the result of your work. You may belong to a group of people who think that daily exercises have become a habitual and daily activities along with morning brushing. Such people, mostly professional athlete, do not need to think where they can get inspiration and motivation for the next workout – they just go and do their job without any words. They do not need to look for motivation, for them sport is a huge or maybe main part of their lives.

If you are not a candidate for master of sports, but an amateur who wants to keep your body or your muscles toned – then this information is for you. Motivation is especially useful in the beginning, when we need to consolidate the habit of regular sports. It also happens when something or someone tempts us to skip or postpone training. It can be the usual laziness, fatigue after work or an attractive offer to drink a glass of champagne with a friend. It does not matter what the reason is – it is important that you have motivation to say no.

First of all, think and set a clear goal for yourself. Ask yourself: why do you need sports and training. Define specific tasks and dream about the result: I want to lose weight and look certain way; I want to see the dream number on the scales; I want to become more resilient or healthier; I want to show off to my friends the weight of the barbell that I can lift. Or maybe your dream is to run a half marathon or take part in a swim?

We want to share with you at least three scientifically proven ways of motivation:

  1. Think of a significant reward. It is important to come up with a real reward that can be felt, because blurred goals may not work here. For example, buy clothes of the desired size, it cannot be very expensive.
  2. It is easy to make and easy to revoke promises mentally. So you can make a public promise to your friends or colleagues. Or even argue with them over a granola bar (because it is better for you do not eat chocolate, except black).
  3. Work on positive thinking. Imagine that you have six-pack or the number on the scales becomes desirable. Visualization also works in the case of proper healthy eating. When you want to eat a piece of cake, you need to imagine how much effort it will cost to burn this number of calories.

Here are few advices from us in case you are not motivated, but you want to overpower yourself and start sports:

Create optimal conditions for yourself. To do this you can try to abstract from all external irritants – turn off calls, close animals in another room, ask relatives do not distract you.


The main thing is to start. How to motivate yourself to lose weight if it is difficult to exercise even for an hour? If the desire for a full workout suddenly disappeared, you should persuade yourself to a little warm-up instead of a full set.

Clearly set a time for activity. You need to determine the exact days and times for sports. It is easier to get used to systematic sessions than to unsystematic ones.

Music. Try training with music. Training with your favorite tracks can increase productivity. Or if you are not a music lover an audiobook will help you – combine useful with pleasant.

And most importantly, sticking to healthy habits can be made easy when you enjoy doing it! You need to choose your favorite direction. It does not have to be running, fitness, swimming pool or gym. When any workout brings positive emotions – this is the best motivation.

So do not wait for motivation! Create it for yourself!

Start training! And then – the body will help maintain motivation itself.

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