Food and sports – everything will be ok

We all come from childhood as like our habits – tea with sugar, dislike of sports and sandwiches for breakfast. And these are ones of the most harmful habits from childhood, which spoil the figure when you are an adult. Everyone knows that diets and sports do not work without a system and regularity. You need to change your eating habits to lose weight definitely and not be afraid to gain extra pounds again. And, believe, changing it is easier than it seems.

The main example of a healthy habit is a healthy lifestyle, the basis of which is a balanced diet and physical activity. The importance of these components is so great and it can be called an anti-risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

So, we advise you to start by purchasing a beautiful water bottle, which will be pleasant to carry with you: compact, comfortable, stylish. Fill it with clean drinking water. It will be a huge step towards healthy eating.

Only a lazy person did not write about how it is important to drink clean water. But in the context of our topic, it can be repeated. Water activates metabolic processes in the body and prepares your gastrointestinal tract for work. Water gives vital energy to our body. With the help of water you will: stop overeating, it will be easier for you to give up high-calorie drinks, protect yourself from dehydration. Therefore, everyone should adopt the habit of drinking water.

It is necessary to have breakfast. During the night your body managed to starve and the lack of breakfast is a huge stress for it, which causes the metabolism to slow down. Do you know what will happen next? A caring body will put away with a reserve everything that will be used by you later. So review your own views on breakfast and allow yourself whatever your heart desires in the morning. But only if your morning does not start at noon.

Eat every 3-4 hours. Do you know what is the secret of all new diet programs for people who want to lose weight? In addition to the fact that the nutritionist lists all the allowed foods in detail, the number of meals increases from the usual three to six. Because the feeling of hunger is the main enemy of a slim figure. Eat before you feel hungry. An important point: a portion should not exceed 300 grams.



Keep a healthy snack handy. Nuts, a handful of raisins or other dried fruits, fresh fruits, berries, boiled eggs, natural yogurt – these are the options that will help you get through lunch or dinner with benefits for the body. So even if you are not working or working from home, keep something healthy to snack on.

Control your salt intake. Salt is one of the fiercest enemies of slimness. It not only retains water in the body, but it is also a powerful appetite stimulant. The same situation is with sugar – avoid sugar in tea and coffee as well.

Take food to work. A lunch break at work is a great opportunity to breathe, relax and get away from the routine. But there are also pitfalls: when you have lunch in a cafe or restaurant, you do not know what the food is made of, what oil it is fried in, how much salt it contains, etc. It is better to buy nice lunch boxes and take food to work. First of all, you will start saving money. And secondly, you will always know what you ate and who is guilty in the extra centimeters on your waist.

Hunger or thirst? Sometimes it seems to us that we are hungry too quickly after the main meal. But our feelings are not always feelings of hunger. It is a banal thirst most often. Therefore, before taking out the second portion of food from the refrigerator, drink a glass of clean water and wait 10 minutes – the feeling of hunger will disappear and you will “make it” calmly to the next planned meal.

Do you dream of a slim figure and a healthy body? Remember the consequences of a passive lifestyle and improper nutrition. Adopt healthy eating habits and sports and you will be convinced very soon that ideal forms can be obtained even at home.

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